• Interior Painting:

For both residential and commercial purposes, we provide interior painting services. From enlivening up a living room to a complete colour refurbish, we provide all types of painting experiences to our customers. Our interior painting services include the following.

  • Painting of the walls, ceilings, floors, doors of the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, basements and home offices.
  • Staining of the windows, doors, trim and woodwork.  

  • Exterior Painting:

We provide exterior painting services for residential as well as the commercial buildings so as to protect and strengthen them. Our services are:

The Master Touch Painter’s provide a wide range of painting services at the most reasonable price. Our professional and highly skilled team of painters complete the painting jobs as per the stipulated deadline, providing smooth and heart-warming painting experiences. Our services include:

  • Painting of the sidings, soffit/ fascia, doors, porches, decks, railings, concrete and stairs.
  • Staining of the siding, porches and trim.           

  • Texture Painting:

In modern days, residential houses and offices demand texture painting services. This kind of painting adds additional beauty and charm to the walls. Various texture designs like Krinkle, Spatula, Ragging, Canvas, Seashell, Brushing, etc. are available. Using these special effects certain textured walls can be designed by the painters. Using the special texture paints and tools, our highly proficient painters create these patterns on the walls as per your recommendations.

  • Stencil Painting:

Wall stencils enhance the exclusive appearance of the walls along with some funky add-ons. Besides, the walls stencil painting can also be done on the pieces of furniture and certain fabric materials. The Master Touch Painter’s offer an extensive array of the innovative and trendy wall stencils which will make your walls and furniture look livelier. For kids, entertainment-based stencil designs are a great option. Besides, we also provide various designs of classic, modern, geometric, periphery and maturity wall stencils. 

  • Metal Painting:

Painting metal surfaces is not an easy task. As metals are highly reactive and the resultant oxide layers formed on the surface greatly affects its outlook and performance. Exposure of the metal surfaces to the environment results in their corrosion and increases their rate of degradation. Thus, paints are commonly used to protect the metal surfaces from severe corrosion. We offer the facility of metal painting so as to prevent the degradation of metallic materials. The protective paint systems that we use to avert metal corrosion include primers, undercoats and finish coats.

  • Polish:

The Master Touch Painter’s Company offers a wide range of polishing services to the customers. Polishing can be done before or after the painting procedure. Depending on your requirement you choose either of them. Besides the walls, doors, windows and other furniture which are specially made of wood can be polished. The three types of polishing known as the natural polishing, colour polish and Melamine polishing are used depending on the kind of material you are going to polish. 

  • Rental Painting:

Rental painting is a very new and modern concept in the domain of painting. It is a kind of painting where one or two coats of basic plastic paint are applied on the walls of a rented house after the tenants have moved out. We provide this kind of painting services along with complete cleaning of the house.

  • Wallpaper Painting:

We offer wide varieties of wallpapers along with easy installations on the walls of your houses or office homes. You can select from our elite collection of wallpapers and we will get it painted on your walls at a minimal cost. Also, if you wish we will aid in removing your pre-installed wallpapers on the walls. Our versatile and exclusive wallpaper designs will enhance and upgrade the beauty and glamour of your walls. 

  • Water Proofing:

The Master Touch Painter’s company offers supreme hydrophobicity which exhibits an exceptional water-proofing mechanism. We provide exterior elastomeric wall paints, high-quality membrane coatings, urethane foam and related hydrophobic materials which prohibits water intrusion into the bricks of the walls. 

  • Wood Painting:

Besides metal painting and texture painting, we also provide facilities for wood painting. Wood painting refers to the painting of wooden materials. It usually includes three steps namely sanding, staining and finally polishing. Wooden materials are initially sanded with the help of sand grit papers. Thereafter, the mechanisms of staining and polishing are used to give the wooden material a colourful and glossy look.