May 8, 2019

Interior house painting is not so easy and simple as it seems if thought to be done in a proper way. From taping walls for measurements to applying different layers of material which serves different types of purpose. From the use of Sheen to Combining gallons for a uniform mixture all have their own value and reason. There are different types of painting for e.g. enamel painting, chalk painting, thin latex painting etc. When it comes to interior painting, different walls have different characteristics, different surrounding and would be appreciated if the painting would be done accordingly. For these a detailed guide is necessary. The primary and basic steps to be followed are as follows:

  • The most primary step that all go for is a round of cleaning and sanitation. One of the basic steps is removing all types of stains and grease spots, dust and dirt clinging to the wall. These can be removed by mixing a little mild detergent with water along with dabbing a cellulose sponge for the cleaning, for anything rough and strong may damage the basic properties of the wall. And then after this wash the walls with clean water to remove the soapy remnants from the wall.
  • Taping the area to be painted i.e. the doorframes, trim and windows is the second step. Nothing should be used except the blue tape of, which is definitely used by Interior house painting services. This may be applied for at least a week ahead. This blue tape should be removed immediately after the painting is over. If delayed and it so happens that the paint dries up, then there are high chances that when the tape is pulled parts of the paint can come off.
  • Primers are a must before the actual application of the paint. Though there are some very common myths like, the walls which have been painted many times do not require the coat of primer. But this is technically not the importance of primer. Primer helps in the maximization of not only the sheen but also the painted cover area. It also enhances proper finishing of the action i.e. it gives the last coat uniformity, which is necessary because it can at times alter the major look of the walls.
  • Rollers are obvious equipment. But there are areas like the edges of the wall that can be in anyway painted using a roller. And thus here comes in the use of brush i.e. a two-inch angled brush. These are mainly used to paint the inner corners of the walls and the trims. This extends out to about two or three inches from doors, mouldings and windows.
  • The ‘W’ technique has its own efficacy. The procedure goes around this way; first, a 3’ × 3’ W pattern is to be painted out in the wall. Secondly, continue the painting that keeps filling in the ‘W’ without lifting the roller. This method is to be continued until the whole wall is properly painted. Never leave a wall unfinished and begin on another one, rather complete one wall at a time, apart from being time – saving it is also very efficient. This process is very effective in its use. The W patterned painting is highly recommended and more if the painting is done by someone who has not done it before.
  • When the paint of the walls has dried up, the next and last method is to tape the boundary line between the trim and wall. Use a two-inch angled brush to paint off the door frames and windows as well as the mouldings.

These are the major steps for a house painting. Except for these some very common guidelines are opening of the windows to dry up the paints, using good quality paints. While using the Interior house painting services one thing should be kept in mind. You know your house the best; you know the qualities of your walls the best. The service will guide you not decide for you. Have your own choices in mind, and let the service’s advice you through. If not so, at times this has seen to have created future issues.

Famous and wide-spread companies like Nerolac, Asian Paints offer their guidance services. They offer their house painting services in Chandigarh, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata and so on. Except for these, other local companies which provide the public with the house painting services in Chandigarh are home painting, Suresh Painting Services etc. But definitely opting for a brand is better.


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