Best Painting Services in Mohali

April 1, 2019

House painting or decorating is being  treated as a contractual business nowadays. But if we travel down the line of its origin, we shall find that it was actually a trading system. The primary objective for painting a house or building is not only to enhance the appearance of the place but also to protect the house or building from damages that can be caused due to abrupt yet continuous flow of water, corrosion due to furniture, weather problems, etc. and other problems that can be caused by moulds and insects. The trade system of painting houses was inaugurated in the mid-part of the 13th century under the patronage of Lord Mayor of the City of London through the Painter-Stainers store.

Painting services, in general, are majorly responsible for carrying a wide range of samples that can suit different houses or offices based on the interior design and furniture present there before getting the contract. The other responsibilities after getting the contract include mixing of colours, carrying the correct set of pigments, painting oils like linseed and turpentine oils, thinners as well as driers. Creating an accent wall, sign writing and most importantly testing of adhesion also constitute the responsibilities of the painting service.

Mohali is a city located in the Mohali district of Punjab. The city is also known as Ajitgarh with an official name of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (SAS Nagar). Irrespective of the place, The Master Touch Painters painting service is one of the best painting services of Mohali, aiming to establish itself in a bigger way with every passing moment. We chiefly use passion as our main “tool” to serve our customers, after consulting with them to become familiar with their taste and choice of colours. We realise the fact deeply enough that home should feel like “home sweet home” for each and every individual.

As far as the quality of painting experience is concerned, The Master Touch Painters excels in all levels of not only superiority but sincerity as well. We treat the most precious and significant asset of our customers with utmost care and importance. What makes The Master Touch Painters irresistible and trustworthy at the same time is its complete package of quality, sincerity and cost-effectiveness. The price range of our company enables customers from different sections of the city to avail our service as per their choice of packages.

Painting services include washing of window, colour proofing, removal of mildew, demonstration of pre-paint, waterproofing and faux finishes. Our company not only features service of great quality but also provides immense scope for analysis of the services with the aid of our professionally skilled employees who provide an opportunity for consultation regarding any confusion that might pop up during the service. The experience and cordial behaviour of our professionals with the clients add more to the good name and fame The Master Touch Painters. For each of the projects that we take up, irrespective of all ranges of packages and services, we provide a labour warranty for a period of 90 days. Apart from that, we attach an exclusive warranty of the parts of our project for two years. We concentrate mostly on providing our clients with absolute satisfaction through our work, which is always gladdened by transparency and honesty. The other most important quality of The Master Touch Painters is our time management skills. We serve fast, but we serve the best. The products we use and the labour we put in can stand good and earn the title of “unquestionable”. We especially look into the matter that each of our projects stands out with the glow of exquisite uniqueness, yet reflecting the taste of its owner and not the opinion of the officials of The Master Touch Painters.

While Interior paintings include the painting of walls, ceilings, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and basements, Exterior painting mainly focuses on the sidings, soffit, fascia, doors, porches, decks, railings, and stairs. Kinkle, Spatula, Ragging, Canvas and other designs get included in the service of texture painting, while primers, undercoats and final coats are used for metallic painting that prevents the exposed metallic surfaces from damages like corrosion and rusting. Natural, colour and Melamine polishing get included in the exclusive polishing services of various ranges that are offered by The Master Touch Painters. Wallpaper paintings, mostly of two types—printed wallpaper and textured wallpaper get included in the wallpaper painting service. Wood painting is another special feature of our company. We provide waterproofing facilities along with a modern concept in the area of interior designing—rental painting. Whatever the service may be, The Master Touch Painters never lets its client down for any reason whatsoever.

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