Top Trends in House Exterior Paint Colors

October 2, 2019

If you’re planning to change or renewal of exterior house paint and set to perk up the curb appeal of your home. House exterior plays a crucial role in a community and identifies the living standard of the individual.

Here in this article, we share top trends in house exterior paints that revive your house with one of the top exterior paint colors given below that give your home a bold, classic showcase that offers premium curb appeal.

Here a list of some of the top trends in House Exterior Paints:

Light Blue + Gray

Blue and Gray together evoke a sense of elegance and offers a welcome choice for house exterior with huge color compliments to wood trim and stone workaround.

Ivory + White  

Both colors together provide a renewing moment that we’re a desire for something. The Ivory softens into the surrounding, while white traditions spotlight the house front and doors. 

Autumn Red + Natural Gray + White

Classic Autumn Red and Gray are now updated to demonstrate visual strength to the house exterior. Red is outstanding when capped by white detailing along with windows and corners. As the top is well managed with Natural Gray tiles to leave an impression on the viewer’s mind.

Green + Aqua Blue

Green and Aqua blue are appealing a refreshing look to house exterior with updated natural patterns. As we work side by side using both colors, the critical strike is the right balance, and a soft tone looks more mature.

Classic White + Dark Gary + Dark Brown

Classic White with bold color olive landscaping never goes out of style. While variations of classic White with dark gray and browns are in demand and appeals much brighter look.

Natural Clay

Another excellent choice for house exterior is Natural Clay with durable siding. This exterior color is transforming your home for an unexpected twist with a sense of elegance.

Looking for an extra piece of color options, The Master Touch Painters offers something new, and we’re sure after upgrading your home exterior curb appeals and stand out in your neighborhood. Our professional painters create many different color options within the same color family to give a luxurious look.

To find out more color options and how they look with your house exterior. Choose the premium and leading house painters near you.

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