Tips for House Painting- Interior and Exterior

October 3, 2019

Don’t leave all on Painter, when you are painting your house. You must have a little knowledge about house painting. You must able to guess the budget for house painting, and negotiate with the Painter if you hire. Before making the final decision, some Tips for House Painting can be helpful in the preparation of house painting, which makes sure you can save your money, time, and wastage of Paint.

Best weather for Painting house

If you have not urgent, then Dry weather is the best for Paint. During the rain’s Day, the Humidity level is high. Drips and slow drying of paint means take more time to finish work. So you can save money and time if you avoid rainy days. Otherwise, you want to do, don’t overwork and correct your error before moving on to the next coat.

Preparation for House Painting

Before the painting or primer, Fill the cracks with Wall putty and scraped the sand and old Paint from the wall properly. The oily surface needs to wash with soap, followed by a wash with clean water. Moist clothing can be used to wipe the wall, give more advantage to create the clean and dust-free surface of Paint.

Use High-quality Tools

Always use high-quality brushes, roller covers because it is easy to use, and gives excellent coverage. So that you don’t waste your time, money, and paint with low quality and old brushes, roller cover.

Covering all, you don’t want to be Painted

Cleaning or washing your house can be hard after Paint, if the furniture, doors, floors have unwanted paint drips. So avoid unnecessary cleaning expenses. Before start painting, covering with old clothes, plastic bags, etc. those you don’t want to paint.

Use the right primer

It needs to inspection, which type of primer you can use Water-Based or Oil-based,

  • If you paint a new and drywall, furniture then water-based primer can be used.
  • If you want to paint paneling, steel old and painted furniture, Water-damaged or smoke saturated walls, Oil-based primer is a good choice. 
  • Can Use with both oil-based and water-based Paint, Shellac primer more perfect for blocking stains work well where there are severe water and smoke damage to walls.

Best use of the Paint

Can you guess or estimate how much Paint you have required almost. If you guessed, then buy it once all, mix all Paint with a container. By do this, every corner of your house blinks with one color rather than different shades. Which makes it more beautiful your home.

Do Paint Downward 

First of all, cut the edges of the ceiling, then use roller downward from the ceiling. If you paint slowly, care of that where the painted area is the start to dry, leave it.

We, The Master Touch Painters, are happy to share basic Tips for House Painting, be helpful when you want to paint your house. Contact us for any query or If you’re going to hire someone for House Painting in Mohali

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