Which one are better Asians paints or Nerolac paints?

April 24, 2019

Freshly painted walls have a welcoming and positive effect on a home. There’s no research to suggest how often you should get your house painted. But, it’s good to give a space a fresh coat of paint once every three years. Now, there are two kinds: a full job, and a coat. A full job is one where you scrape the entire surface; apply putty, and then paint. The term “new coat” refers to the process where you apply two coats of paint assuming the primed surface is in great condition. From a clean surface to unblocking energies, there are several benefits of painting interiors in every four years.

Asians paints or Nerolac paints

All of them offer a comprehensive painting solution unlike before when you had to hire an independent contractor. In India, there are many branded paint companies present like Asian pants, Nerolac, burger, Dulux, Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd and many more. Some of the company is good for exterior paints, some of them are for interior and wall paints. But in the Indian families’ two paint brands they used mostly for wall and interior paint and that is Asian Paints and Nerolac Paints. The Indian paint industry has been dominated by these two companies. They are big competitors of each other.

Asian Paints is India’s largest paint company. It is the market leader in decorative paints and has 24 paint manufacturing facilities. In the decorative paint category, it has a presence across all the four segments namely interior wall finishes, exterior wall finishes, enamels, and wood finishes.

Kansai Nerolac is one of the renowned and is the second largest paint company in India. The company is the market leader as the original equipment (OEM) paint supplier to the likes of Maruti, Mitsubishi, and Tata Motors, etc. Kansai Nerolac currently has five manufacturing facilities in India. In a nutshell, Asian Paints focus more on the decorative section while Kansai Nerolac is more concerned about the automotive segment. In terms of size, Asian Paints is almost 3.7 times Kansai Nerolac.

Also, it may be noted that Asian Paints has a well-diversified global presence while the focus of Kansai Nerolac is mostly limited to the Indian share market. If we will read the research data we will get to know that in the last five years the performance and sells wise Asian aits perform better tan Nerolac Paints. It is primarily because Asian Paints portrays a strong existence in the decorative segment where it can implement its bargaining power once the price of the raw material rises.

However, the bargaining capability of Kansai Nerolac’s lies on the lower side as it deals with large auto customers. Hence, its ability to pass on the increase of the price is limited to a certain extent. As it can be understood that, Asian Paints is more expensive than Kansai Nerolac paint’s performance wise and sells wise definitely Asian paints perform better than Nerolac paints but Asian paints have a global presence whereas Nerolac has presence only in Indian so, on that basis also Nerolac is giving a tough competition to Asian Paints. Asian paints one of the largest paints company and manufacturer also provide a wide range of painting. In the Indian painting industry Asian paints is the eminent leader because of their sharp leadership in the decorative paint segments.It is provided with the first rank amongst the top ten decorative coating companies in the world. This is due to the strong brand quality. Asian paints offer a very vast variety of colours for our walls. Asian paints are one of the exclusive manufacturers and exporters of decorative paints, emulsion paints protective coatings, industrial paints, and automotive paints.

Asian paints have different kind of product with different quality:

1. Interior Paints– Premium Emulsion, Tractor Emulsion, Royale Shyne, Royale Luxury.

2. Exterior Paints– Upex, Ace Emulsion, Upex Ultima Exterior Paint.

3. Metal Finishes– Water Based Royale Luxury Enamel, Enamel Paint.

4. Wood Finishes– Hand Polish.

5. Water Proofing– Asian Paint Water Proofing Material.

Nerolac paints are leading paints Colour Company and manufacturer in India is offering a wide range of wall paints. Nerolac Paints Company holds the second position in the Indian painting industry. They are leading with their industrial paint segments; it is also one among the top ten coating companies of the world. They offer us the quality of colorful paints for our interiors, exteriors, metal, and wood. So, we can say both the colors have different aspect so the customer should choose the colors by their choice but what color will be perfect for their house the paint contractor can suggest them.

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