7 Top Paint Companies in India 2019

April 25, 2019

Paint is the application of the composition of any pigmented liquid on a substrate in a thin layer to form a solid film. It provides a beautiful texture to the objects. It can be produced or can also be purchased from stores, as it is available in many varieties of colors. It is available in different types, such as watercolor, synthetic, and many more.

Paints were the most beautiful inventions of mankind. The idea of paint was developed around 40,000 years ago by the early Homo sapiens. They used to draw painting on the walls of the caves and usually used materials such as yellow ochre, hematite, manganese oxide, and charcoal.

The components that were used to make such paintings include:

Vehicle: It is a combination of two parts, binder and diluent. A wet coating is formed using the binder and diluent which after evaporation only lefts the solid part, i.e. the binder or the “vehicle solids”.

Binder or film former: It is a part of the film-forming component of painting which is always present among all the formulations.

Thermoplastic mechanism: It is a process in which the water and then the trace or solvent particle is evaporated and then the binder particles are softened and fused together into a network structure where the paint cannot re-dissolve in the water/ solvent.

Diluent or solvent: It is used to dissolve the polymer into it and adjust the viscosity of the paint.

Pigment and filler: Pigment gives the colour to the structures. It is the granular solids incorporated in the paint. The filler gives the extra texture, toughness and provides the paints with special properties to increase the volume of the paint.

In India, about 65% of all the paints are prepared by the top and reputed companies in the organized and civilized sector. The remaining 35% of the market are being utilized by the uncivilized, small and unorganized sector people.

The recent reports from Indian Paints Association state that in 2019-2020, the paint industry grows to 707.8 billion. A study in Nielsen Corporation stated that 12.7% per annum is the development of the decorative paints market whereas only 9.5% per annum is the share of the industrial paints.

The paints companies also provide the best and customized solutions for decorating homes and offices with wall painting images. The paints companies are launching most beautiful ingenious products to meet the growing demands of the customer.

India’s topmost 7 paint companies on the basis of 2019 record include the following on their list:

1. Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

Best known as Nerolac, it is one of the best pioneers of India’s paint industry. It was established in Mumbai in 1920 and was named as Gahagan Paints. Its ranking was counted in the reputed brands of India.

2. Asian Paints Ltd                                                                  

Being established in Mumbai in 1942, it is regarded as the undisputed leader of India’s paint industry. Its name is counted as Asia’s third largest manufacturer of paints. It operates in 16 countries and runs about 25 paint factories in India and abroad.

3. Berger Paints India Ltd

This company was first developed in the UK in 1760 and 1923, it arrived in India and became the second largest manufacturer of India. There are 10 manufacturing units of this company in India which operates in Nepal, Bangladesh, Russia, and Poland.

4. AkzoNobel India Ltd

Also known as Dulux Paints, this company has 100 years of developing history. The AkzoNobel India Ltd manufactures the Dulux Paints in India and it is a part of the Multinational Company (MNC) of Netherlands.

5. Shalimar Paints Ltd

Being established in the year 1902, it has been the oldest paint company in India. It deserves to be the best paints company serving India as its first homegrown paints and coating manufacturer.

6. Jenson and Nicholson (India) Ltd

This company had spread its roots being established in the year 1821 in London. The name comes so as it was operated as a partnership by Jenson and Wilfred Nicholson. In 1922 it started to supply and operate in India and finally settled as a branded and high-class paints company in 1973.

7. Snowcem Paints

This company is rated as India’s seventh top paints company which established its roots in 1959 in Mumbai. It is the most reputed brands in the country as cement coatings. It has been serving India for over the past six decades and has been launching various innovative and pioneering products for its customers.

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